SIGIIP software solution to manage the research processes, projects and others.

SIGIIP is a software solution developed for universities or research centers to manage the research processes, projects and others. SIGIIP is a complete and autonomous application to handle research projects, research groups, research hotbeds, internal calls, ethical committees, and others.

Our solution SIGIIP has a specialized features thoughted to obtain an scalable application such as:

  • Multicampus On Premise system 100% web with unlimited users accounts.
  • Integrable with a lot of applications by API, Integrated services on SQL Server, or others.
  • Different kind of authentications mod by form, active directory, single sing on, or office365.
  • Integrated functionality to connect with google scholar, scopus and others.
  • Strict information controls

SIGIIP had been generate several administrative and academic impacts over the universities that have licenced our software, such as:

  • Process time reduction
  • Centralizing of information with document repositories
  • Visualization results of research
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Knowledge synergy and integration between researchers
  • Process monitoring and control

With SIGIIP universities can centralized, manage and analyze all the research information in a unique place.

We are certified in ISO/IEC 29110-4-1:2018 standard, and we develop software using disciplines agile like scrum, agile analytics, and agile project management guides.