Since 2013, we have worked with data to build information and knowledge for education, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy efficiency. We have been supporting and improving business processes that use data as decision support or as a tool to discover knowledge to increase their productivity and determine innovation strategies. We have an in-depth understanding of how Business Intelligence & Data Analytical will improve your business.

Your data could be forerunners of new intangible values and profits. It could be the potential lighthouse or the radar that can help you anticipate changes and respond strategically. Many technological ways are available to build information and discover knowledge, and we are prepared to work with you to begin the route of change.

Our services in knowledge discovery in databases are thought to actively bring value to your organization. We help you to build a data-driven culture to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

As a partner, we can deliver end-to-end data analytics and low-code IT solutions to drive business data-outcomes. Services you find in Let Me Know:

Design data-driven strategy:

Working with our clients as one, we analyze the data problem domain and all the data insights required, then we design or recommend an agile development methodology to deploy the data-driven strategy.

Data Ingest & Integration:

We design and build processes to ingest and feed Smart and Big Data repositories to support data analysis and analytical processes data from various source systems to get a 360 view of your data, transform it with your business rules and offer adequate quality of your data to drive business insights.

Data Warehouse and Databases:

We design, develop and maintain Traditional and Modern Data Warehousing or Data Lakes that will accommodate Smart and Big Data, as well as we develop and support RDBMS and NoSql databases.

Business Intelligence & Analytics:

To enhance your understanding of your business performance we design and develop Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions using your data estates to compare strategic goals with results and trends supported in dashboards and machine learning. Enable your data-driven decision making, we can help you to translate your data into intelligent actions!

Enable your data-driven decision making, we can help you to translate your data into intelligent actions!

We develop data solutions employing different tools and platforms, because we are convinced that each data project requires a master data stack to build their strategy. We use modern data engines such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Factory, Sql Server, Oracle, MongoDb, Postgres, Spoon, Procedural languages, and data integration tools. On the other hand, we use modern data analytics and BI such as Power BI, Kmine, Python among others.

We are certified in ISO/IEC 29110-4-1:2018 standard, and we develop software using disciplines agile like scrum, Agile Analytics, and others.

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